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Sextuplets Take New York Prepared For Mockery And Later

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sextuplets Take New York mom of multiples, Digna Carpio.
Don't belittle your husband on national TV, don't get a mom-hawk hairdo unless you are prepared for mockery and later extensions, don't remarry your husband while the world watches because TV marriages almost always end in divorce I have a good feeling, though, that Digna is more careful than that -- and it's not just because of the plastic she keeps on her couch.

We fell in love with them,” Nancy Daniels, TLC’s Senior Vice-President of Production and Development said. “All of our shows look at interesting families and interesting lives. They’re struggling with taking care of a lot of small children who are all the same age and overrunning their house.

The Carpios, who live in Queens, seem like genuinely nice people who love each other and their children and whose situation any parent will fully grasp.
There's never enough money and they're always exhausted.
The downside is that judging from Tuesday night's opening episode, we aren't going to get the kind of tawdry ancillary drama that briefly made Jon and Kate Gosselin into shooting-star celebrities.

Victor works as a maintenance man for the city Parks Department and has a continuing concern about money. They spend $500 on food, Digna says, and it lasts maybe four days. Victor notes that as the kids get bigger, so will their appetites.

There's also an unsung hero in this story: a neighborhood woman they call Peppe. She read the story of the sextuplets' birth in the Daily News and knocked on the door to see if the Carpios could use some help. The answer was yes. Now she's part of the family, a friend to the grownups and an aunt/nanny to the kids.

Anonymous, just because they live in new york with 7 kids in an apartment doesn't mean they're on welfare. I think you are stereotyping them and being really unfair. Trust me, I know what its like. Between my husband and I, we make 3,000 a month and we live in the Bronx. Now that seems like a lot but in new york, its not. this is a hard town to be in and you have to make due. I'm gonna watch because I think it can genuinely interested to see how they live.

TLC as ordered eight episodes of Sextuplets Take New York, which will chronicle Victor and Digna Carpio, who are raising four boys and two girls, all 22-months-old, in a modest home in Queens, New York, The Hollywood Reporter revealed Wednesday. Each episode follows the daily challenges of raising the babies and a 9-year-old son. The network — which has cornered the market on series about large families cast The Carpios after doing a special on three sets of parents struggling with a multiple birth.

If it becomes a full-blown series, it could be the next show piece in TLC’s portfolio of reality shows based on non-traditional families. We are already being subjected to the Duggars and Kate Plus 8, and on top of that, the network is getting ready to roll out the premiere of ‘Sister Wives’ in mid-September.


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