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Inter School IT Competition , Habib School was Fixed !

Friday, November 18, 2011

Shame on Habib School,
Shame on Habib Judges !

The Habib Girls school karachi held an IT competition on 17th November 2011
many schools participated including famous ones like the Mama parsi girls school, Dawood public school, Ghulaman-e-abbas etc.

The Habib Girls school apparently had something going on as a lot of people from other schools had commended BVS school's efforts claiming them to be the best present yet they failed to win a prizein both the web and the graphic designing competition and the results were unjust and wrong.

Habib public school
Habib public boys school
Habib public girl school
Habib public girls school
Habib public girls school it 
Habib public girls school it competition
Habib public girls school  it competition was fixed
Habib public girls school interschool it
Habib public girls school interschool it competition


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